My Story

Hello. My name is Amanda. I am the photographer behind Amanda Rose Photography. I have been married for seven years and have three daughters, Jaryn Rose, Selah Raynen, and Keziah Ember. 

I've been interested in photography all my life. I took photos for fun for many years, of friends and after becoming a mom, took plenty of photos of my children as well. 

After the high risk delivery of my second daughter, and complications from preeclampsia, half my face was left paralyzed from a nerve disorder called Bell's Palsy. After processing the reality of being one of very few people who don't recover, I began to see the world around me differently. I had to search for beauty that I no longer believed I possessed and it changed the way that I took pictures. I began to see the moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, but that make up a beautiful life. 

At first, this was reflected in the way I documented our family in day to day life. Although I try to keep my captions real and not allow social media to become a place to hide, instagram became a highlight reel of sorts...documenting the beauty amidst the mundane- the precious in the middle of the ordinary. You can see more of my personal journey and photography @mytinytribe

And now I love doing the same for you. 

My goal is to make people comfortable on the other side of the lens so that I can capture the raw and real moments that make each person unique...and to help them see beauty in their uniqueness. I want the photographs I deliver to capture the essence of love and humor and beauty that each person holds within themselves. 

I love being a part of so many lives and it's an honor to capture your beautiful memories. . .